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The Connoisseur’s Book of Indian Coffee

Planting times

Elite Clubs of India

Crucible Chronicle is a showcase and an archive of articles written by Aparna Datta since 1997.

The articles on tea and coffee are based on professional exposure, involving visits to tea and coffee estates on editorial and consulting assignments. Other themes include travel and urban issues. The Book Shelf showcases some of the coffee table books that Aparna Datta has been associated with as writer, editor and contributor.

Several of these articles have earlier appeared in leading newspapers and magazines and are reproduced here for web-surfers.

The Chronicle incorporates several features that were specially written for PenScape, a web journal that was up from January 2004 through December 2006. The Chronicle now takes over, with a wider coverage of themes and issues.

Enjoy the brew!

Aparna Datta

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Rolling Mist

Mill 2 Mall
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