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Wah Tea Estate, Kangra
When a tea estate gives its year of establishment as 1857, it truly merits respect as an historic estate. Wah Tea Estate in Kangra was set up in the backdrop of the War of 1857, also known as the Sepoy Mutiny, in a watershed year that changed Indian history forever, as the British Raj consolidated its dominion.
Poabs Organic Estates: The newest tea estate in India
It’s in South India, but no, not in the Nilgiris. Not quite the Anamalais either, but thereabouts. Not only organic but ‘certified biodynamic’. And it’s certainly not amongst the oldest tea plantations – in fact, it’s the newest tea estate in India!
Korakundah Tea Estate
Of all the high-grown teas in the world, one of the highest is Korakundah Tea.
Kelagur Coffee & Tea Estate
Four generations of the Mathias family have been directly involved in cultivation and processing of coffee and tea.
The Kanan Devans
“…the extensive and salubrious range of mountains and valleys which are known by the name Kanan Devan Hills…where the delicious climate, pure water and healthy life, really make life worth living…”
Balmaadi Coffee & Tea Estate, Nilgiris
Balmaadi estate is situated in the Nilgiris District of the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is part of the O’Valley group of plantations that were developed over 150 years ago by an enterprising Scotsman, John Ouchterloney. Home to the mysterious Toda tribes the Nilgiris today is a major tourist destination.


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