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About Crucible

Crucible provides services to corporate and development organisations – government and non-government – in Communications Management, assisting them in gaining control of today’s complex environment by using communication strategies to help achieve their goals.

To originate ideas, concepts, strategies and solutions that deliver value

The Crucible Approach
Crucible offers clients an integrated communications strategy, without bias for one discipline or other. The emphasis is on original ideas and solutions, and the practicalities of implementation. Crucible has a healthy respect for process, but is ultimately goal and result oriented. On offer is a holistic and sensitive approach to problem solving. Each situation is analysed from a variety of perspectives. There is no vested interest or profit motive in any particular method of execution, which indicates counsel that is open, free and frank, and custom-tailored to a client’s needs.

Professional Capability
Started in 1997, Crucible constitutes an independent resource, based in Bangalore, and works in affiliation with other professional partners to execute a client’s communication plans.

The focus areas are:

  • Corporate & Brand Communications: An optimal blend of the strategies and tools of Advertising and Public Relations to achieve a client’s objectives. Crucible’s strength lies in conceptualizing and executing creative solutions that deliver results. Crucible is especially attuned to the needs of clients in the tea and coffee industries, infrastructure, and tourism sectors, with exposure to Public Consultation processes, Environment and Stakeholder issues.
  • Development Communications: Strategies for Behaviour Change Communication in social areas such as Health, Education, Population and Urban Governance. Crucible supports non-profit organisations with appropriate solutions for cause marketing, advocacy and issues management.
  • Editing and Publication: Creative content and editing for publications ranging from newsletters and magazines to coffee table books. Freelance writing and copyediting assignments include research and documentation on development issues.

Plantation Ecosystems Network (PEN)
PEN was founded in April 2003 with support from Crucible. PEN develops and implements projects, in partnership with individuals and corporations, government and non-government organizations associated with coffee and tea, through a unique approach that aims to connect stakeholders for mutual benefit.

PenScape, an online journal from PEN, had its own domain during 2004-2006. Selected content is now available on this website.

Aparna Datta is a communications consultant and writer based in Bangalore. Since 1997, she has managed her own consulting firm – Crucible Communications – and has developed capabilities in corporate / brand / development communications, public relations and issues management, media relations, networking with stakeholders and key constituencies, editing and publishing.

Aparna is sensitized to issues related to FDI, sustainable development, international trade, corporate social/environmental responsibility, public interest and, importantly, the role of communications in facilitating desired outcomes.

Earlier, Aparna gained professional experience in Advertising over a span of 18 years and held senior management positions in leading advertising agencies. More recently, she has done a stint as Manager of a leading PR agency in Bangalore.

With highly developed writing skills, Aparna contributes feature articles to leading Indian and international publications on a regular basis.



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