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Green Shop, Coonoor

If you go down Coonoor way, make sure you stop over at the Green Shop.

The Green Shop, a project of Keystone Foundation, symbolizes the commitment of Keystone to indigenous communities primarily and to the fragile environment of the Nilgiris Biosphere as a whole. Keystone strives to provide the best of the produce from the Nilgiris and also from other like-minded organizations working on the same principles. Keystone welcomes visitors to the store, and encourages people to spend time mulling over the products and the spirit behind such a venture. Keystone now operates Green Shops at Ooty and Kotagiri, besides Coonoor.

Address: The Green Shop, Jograj Building, Bedford Circle, Upper Coonoor, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India. Phone: 91-423-2238412 Email:




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