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Nestled in the Nelliyampathy hills of Kerala state in South India, the 500-hectare Poabs Organic Estate, at an average elevation of 3,500 feet, is the largest perennial multi-crop organic estate in India, growing tea and coffee, both arabica and robusta, with inter-crops of pepper and cardamom.

First opened in 1889, the Seethargundu estate went through several ups and downs over the years and it was even lying abandoned for 16 years, before the estate was taken over by the Poabs Group in 1989. Conversion to biodynamic agriculture commenced in year 2000. Today, 350 cows are maintained on the estate, along with a nursery growing the herbs required for BD preparations - yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, dandelion and valerian, and extensive compost yards, such that the estate is considered a "model" project in organic farming circles.

The 500 workers form the backbone of the plantation and are provided with housing, educational and recreational facilities in excess of local requirements for labour welfare. Kerala state ranks the highest in India in terms of literacy and health, and we are proud to be stakeholders in a community that has achieved high standards in human development. Overall, the social and environmental norms on the estate fully meet the requirements of buyers with respect to conservation principles and ethical sourcing of tea and coffee from origin.

Poabs Estate offers a range of distinctive teas and coffees, cupped and profiled by experts. A new, ultra-modern tea factory has capabilities for orthodox, CTC and green teas with HACCP systems in place. A bio-reactor treats coffee effluents. The award-winning washed robusta coffee from this estate is the taster's choice, rated among the best organic robusta produced anywhere in the world.

Certified "Organic" by Skal International, Netherlands and Naturland, Germany; "Demeter" by Demeter-International, Germany; ISO: 9001:2000 by BVQI, UK. The estate conforms to NOP of USDA & JAS.

Poabs Organic Products Pvt. Ltd.
Seethargundu P.O.,
Nelliyampathy, Palghat,
Kerala PIN: 678 511, INDIA

Phone: +91 4923 246554, 246333, 246223
Telefax: +91 4923 246555 Alternate fax: +91 469 2614195



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