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Nilgiri Planters’ Association

The Nilgiri Planters’ Association (NPA) was founded in the year 1891. It is a registered organization under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1978. The Association represents the organized plantation sector covering a total extent of 6719.55 hectares, spread over the three taluks of the Nilgiris, namely Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri. Clonal tea accounts for a large proportion of the tea bushes on NPA Member Estates. The fresh green tea leaf, harvested from the 36 tea gardens of Member Estates of the Association, is manufactured in the 25 tea factories owned by them. The total annual production of manufactured tea from these tea factories is about 16 million kgs.

A specially designed certification mark of the Association is in the process of being registered under the Trade Marks Act. Members of the Association permitted the use of the NPA logo will ensure adherence to the prescribed guidelines of Good Manufacturing and Quality Standards, Maximum Residue Limits of certain pesticides related to tea set by countries in the European Union and will conform to minimum standards for tea prescribed under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, Ethical Assurance Standards and Hygiene and Safety Standards.

All NPA members ensure that their workers receive appropriate healthcare and educational facilities. This concern for the workforce extends to the environment as well – NPA members take great pride in keeping their surroundings pristine.

List of NPA Members:

Bengorm ‘B’ Estate
Billimalai Estate
Bombay Burmah Trading Corpn.
Coonoor Tea Estates Co. Ltd.
Corsley Estate
Craigmore Plantations (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Curzon Nilgiri Plantation Company
Glenmorgan Tea Estate Company
Golden Hills Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Havukal Tea Produce Co. Ltd.
Kairbetta Estate Syndicate
Kamalin Estates
The Kil-Kotagiri Tea & Coffee Estates Ltd.
Kodanaad Tea Estates Company
Kothari Industrial Corpn. Ltd.
Moutere Estate
Neelamalai Agro Industries Ltd.
Nilgiri Tea Estates Co. Ltd.
Nonsuch Tea Estates Limited
Southern Tree Farms Ltd.
Stanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd. Kotada Estate
Stanes Amalgamated Estates Ltd. Welbeck Estate
Swamy & Swamy Plantations Pvt. Ltd.
Tea Estates India Limited (A Unit of Hindustan Lever Limited)
The Nilgiri Agro Agencies (P) Ltd.
The United Nilgiri Tea Estates Co. Ltd.
Tuttapullum Tea Produce Co. Ltd.
Warwick Estate Syndicate

The Secretary
Nilgiri Planters’ Association, “Glenview”, Coonoor – 643 101, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
INDIA, Phone: 91- (0) 423-2231261; Email:



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